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Kid Vendor Info

Join Young-spired Market as a vendor and showcase your talents! We welcome vendors of all ages, from our youngest Pre-K and Elementary entrepreneurs to Middle School innovators and our budding Jr/High School creators.

Vendor Age Groups

Prek/Elementary (Ages 4-12)

*Booth Fee: $1*

 *Activities*: Our youngest entrepreneurs can explore the basics of running a booth. Create and sell simple crafts, artwork, or homemade treats. Activities may include face painting, simple craft demonstrations, or a bake sale with parental supervision.

Middle School (Ages 11-14)

*Booth Fee: $3*

 *Activities*: Take your passion to the next level. Interact with customers, set up a more elaborate booth, and sell handmade items, art, or crafts. You can also organize mini-workshops or demonstrations to engage visitors. *Potential for More Support and Mentorship in the Works*: Stay tuned as we work on offering additional support and mentorship opportunities for Middle School participants.

Jr/High School (Ages 14-18)

*Booth Fee: $5*

 *Activities*: Show your entrepreneurial spirit by managing your own booth. Sell more complex crafts, artwork, or even unique products. Organize workshops, offer services, and take a significant step in developing your business skills. *Potential for More Support and Mentorship in the Works*: We're working on enhancing support and mentorship programs for Jr/High School participants.

Young-spired Market is all about fostering creativity and learning while offering an age-appropriate, hands-on experience for our vendors. Join us in celebrating your talents, no matter your age, and embark on this exciting journey with the promise of more support and mentorship opportunities to come!

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