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    Shop and Support Our Kidpreneurs!

    How our shop works:

    1. Seamless Integration with Modalyst: We've partnered with Modalyst, a third-party service, to ensure top-notch quality and efficient merch creation. This allows us to focus more on supporting our young entrepreneurs.

    2. Fair Pricing, Shared Profit: Our pricing structure is transparent and fair. 40% covers the supplier’s costs for materials and shipping, while 60% goes directly to Young-Spired and our Kidpreneurs needs.

    3. Effortless Ordering: Once you make a purchase, Modalyst takes over. They handle printing and shipping the merchandise directly to you. This hassle-free process means you get your favorite items quickly and efficiently.

    4. Empowering Young Minds: Every purchase you make is more than just acquiring a product. It's a statement of support for the goals and dreams of kids and teens at Young-Spired. Your support helps us provide resources, mentorship, and opportunities for young entrepreneurs to thrive.

    Shop with us and be a part of a movement that nurtures the next generation of innovators and leaders!

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